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Building Potential, Growing Together

Welcome to Zabriskie Property

We understand Serviced Accommodation and Buy To Let property in Scotland.

Our knowledge is built on our property investment experience. And we use research, data analysis and professional training to reduce the risk of investments.

We only invest in local communities, providing safe, affordable housing that promotes growth and stability. Because we feel that’s the right thing to do.

With Zabriskie Property we’ll give you our time and our expertise to help you make the most of your money; for you, for your family, for your future.

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Sourcing / Deal Packaging

We offer a number of services for your property investment.

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Cash Only Investment

Do you want to realise a higher rate of return for your cash investment?

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I have known Andrew and Juliet since 2015 as friends and on a professional basis. We all have a common interest in property and are investors developing our own portfolios. Initially when I was introduced it was with a view to me helping them develop their portfolio and that very quickly evolved to them lending me funds on an angel basis to allow me to further build my portfolio. This has proved a very successful arrangement over an 18 month period which went very smoothly indeed.

They manage to combine thorough professionalism with empathy for their partners needs. Business aside, i have found them to be personable, caring and downright fun to be with.

I have no hesitation in recommending a business relationship with Andrew and Juliet for any of your property investment activities.

I have worked with Andrew in his Analytical consultancy role since 2011 where we have shared contracts with numerous clients and passed on work to each other to perform independently. When he told me that he & Juliet had a plan to invest in property I was intrigued and have followed their progress throughout. In 2016, Andrew mentioned a particular property he was evaluating for his property business and I asked for more information. He and Juliet explained the process to be an angel investor if I wanted to be involved. After they proved it was a feasible option I decided to invest. After one year, I received my initial investment plus the agreed interest for loaning the money and this was significantly more than the investment would have made in any other option open to me. They also ensured that I was up to date on the progress of the house developments making me feel involved in what my investment was contributing to and keeping me up to date with how they were getting on with the property business.

I would sincerely recommend Andrew and Juliet for property investment. They provide a professional, yet exceptionally friendly, option for someone who is looking to invest.

We used Andrew and Juliet from Zabriskie Properties to help us build our portfolio. The service we received was fantastic. I have no time to view properties and Zabriskie Properties came highly recommended to me. I am delighted with the property brought to me, the paperwork with the works needing done was a great help and very detailed. The transaction was very smooth and I was happy to get the keys yesterday. Thank you so much, can’t wait to work with you both again soon.

To contact Zabriskie Property please call 01896 242153 or email us via our contact form.

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